Sitting in class and taking notes is all part of the learning and the researching process, so to discard them would be a waste. Here is are said notes, photographed straight from the notebook, pen marks, ink splotches and paper folds and all.

  • 1st Page
  • 1st Spread
  • 2nd Spread
  • 3rd Spread
  • 4th Spread
  • 5th Spread
  • 6th Spread
  • 7th Spread
  • 8th Spread
  • 9th Spread
  • 10th Spread
  • 11th Spread
  • 12th Spread
  • 13th Spread
  • 14th Spread
  • 15th Spread
  • 16th Spread (features Rineke Djikstra mini practice essay)
  • 17th Spread
  • This page was written in the wrong notebook/notepad, and was therefore torn out and folded into the correct one.

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